Monday, June 25, 2007

Landscapes of the Mind

« Par l’art seulement nous pouvons sortir de nous, savoir ce que voit un autre de cet univers qui n’est pas le même que le nôtre, et dont les paysages nous seraient restés aussi inconnus que ceux qu’il peut y avoir dans la lune. Marcel Proust

Only through art can we get outside ourselves and know what worlds other see that are not the same as our own and these landscapes in which we can find ourselves would be as unknown as those of the moon.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

State of Fear

" . . . the affluent society has become a society of permanent mobilization against the risk of annihilation (and terrorism) and . . . the sale of its goods has been accompanied by moronization, the perpetuation of toil, and the promotion of frustration."

Marcuse continues, "Today, in the prosperous warfare and welfare state, the human qualities of a pacified existence seem asocial and unpatriotic - qualities such as a refusal of toughness; . . . disobedience to the tyranny of the majority- . . . a sensitive intelligence sickened by that which is being perpetrated . . . In the totalitarian society, the human attitudes tend to become escapist attitudes, to follow Samuel Beckett's advice: 'Don't wait to be hunted to hide...'"

Herbert Marcuse, One Dimensional Man, page 242.

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