Monday, December 25, 2006

Things I Don't Understand

Why do holiday songs have to be so ridiculously repetitive?

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Do you think Fish care if it rains?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Of Dogs and Beetles (and Solstice resolutions)


I know they have no etmological correlation, but it just seems like there must be a reason that change and chains sound so much alike in English. The former requires disentangling from the latter and oh what a colossal effort. I should remind myself that chains are a good thing for the weak. Our good friend Gregor Samsa could have used aq mooring in some fatherly discipline to retard his devolution into coleopteric decay and the same might have saved the easily seduced hero of The Trial from finding his end "like a dog," (really more like a cur if you read the original German). Still, for those who aspire forwards those same anchors of security can be impossible to hoist aweigh.

Every year about this time as I approach the end of the year and the coming solstice, I look at the mess of my life and try to find hope to make the changes that could make my life less hectic and filled with useless material things. Each December I recognize that my tendency to melancholy would be reduced by more physical activity, more care in food choice and dedication to reading and writing (the things that give me a modicum of satisfaction.) So I strain at my chains knowing that that wretched eagle is somewhere around the corner waiting to peck at my liver and realizing that I do not have the strength of the man who brought fire from the gods.

Still if one learns just one lesson from Kafka, then it is that we must keep trying until we can not do so any more. In the larger scheme of things dogs and beetles are necessary elements and if one must be a cur, then at least one can try to live the best dog existence one can.

So this mongrel resolves to keep working with photography and writing and thinking, to get better organized, to reduce material possesions and to eat a better quality of Alpo. I'm not sure I'm up yet to playing nicely with the other pups, but I think this effort to approach "the Law" will help me in my struggle to get out of the ditch of inaction and melancholy.

Etymology: (
Chain: c.1300, from O.Fr. chaeine, from L. catena "chain," from PIE base *kat- "to twist, twine." The verb is attested from 1377.

Change c.1225, from O.Fr. changier, from L.L. cambiare, from L. cambire "to exchange, barter," of Celtic origin, from PIE base *kamb- "to bend, crook."

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Haven't felt like posting lately, but I'll do better now. I promise. (At least for a while).

Here are a couple of new images that I took that I like:

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